What is Holistic Aromatherapy Massage?

Holistic massage is nurturing touch involving the whole person on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Working on soft skin with soft tissues has an effect on all major and minor systems on the body. It improves general health enabling deep relaxation, it re-energises as well as provides relief from aches, pain or stiffness. It fosters self esteem helping people to become more aware and accepting of their body, their emotional life and their past.

Aromatherapy is so called because of the use of massage in combination with essential oils. Essential oils are essences from plants extracted through distillation. They are volatile, do not dissolve in water but need to be applied though a carrier oil which can be any good kind of carrier oil. They are truly holistic in principle and should be treated with respect.

Bespoke Holistic Aromatherapy Treatments

Your emotional and physical well being will be looked after through massage and a bespoke use of organic essential oils.

These treatments start with a cleansing of the feet using either the Ila Spa Blissful Rose Oil or the detoxifying Himalayan and Argan Oil Scrub.

I use relaxing breathing exercisesto help you let go in preparation for your treatment. The treatment is a full body massage including the scalp and finishes withwith the feet so that you always leave your session feeling grounded.

1 hr session for £75 or 1 ½ hrs for £90

Male clients are accepted by referral only.